I have my Dad to thank for my interest in photography; he taught me how to use a camera in my teens. My Dad had been a keen photographer since his own teenage, and I can still remember the smell of the processing chemicals coming from his darkroom at our family home in the Midlands. The box room that he used is still referred to as the darkroom to this day, though the chemical smell has long since gone.

What I love most about photography is capturing a moment in time, an emotion, an event, a look, a laugh, a smile… and then sharing it. That's why I dived into a daily blog, a 365, in 2009 with both feet, and once that was finished, I had to continue, so began a 52. I missed the challenge of the 365, so I again photographed daily in 2011. Having a project stretches you as a photographer and I have certainly grown through these projects.

I'm pleased to be able to wind down now and spend more time on personal work, and on Remember My Baby, a registered charity of which I am a co-funder. I will not be hanging up my cameras, but I will not be actively booking paid shoots.

Many thanks to Paul Mellor of Photopiece for my profile picture :0)